Film screening as a part of Welcome to New York

Fresh dressed

“a snazzy docu portrait of hip-hop’s influence on the fashion world” – Variety
“a thoroughly engaging documentary that transcends the subject of fashion and music” – Rolling Stone

From South Bronx to Paris runways: the film documents the history of hip-hop urban fashion, and its rise from southern cotton plantations and the 1970s gangs in South Bronx – up to corporate America. The feature then traces the fall of this sartorial statement of oversized, graffiti-colored outfits, flamboyant to the extreme.

Commerce and culture are joined in the film, a story of how impoverished youths made an impact on the fashion business – and vice versa. However, it may be more complicated than that: the feature touches upon the alchemy of the sartorial savoir faire, the panache going with the clothes. Supported by rich archival materials, plus in-depth interviews with those who formed the style.

May 30, 22:00
Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
Bersenevskaya Embankment, 14, bldg. 5A
June 4, 19:00
The Documentary Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 2

2015, USA, France, 90 min.

Sacha Jenkins
Sacha Jenkins
Pharrell Williams,
Kanye West,
P. Diddy. Snoop Dogg,
ASAP Rocky,
Damon Dash,
Swizz Beatz
Marcus A. Clarke