Film screening as a part of Main Program

A City Is an Island

“…ambitious film that colourfully portrays the freaks and forever-kids who have chosen this city as a base to create their weird music” – Cult Montreal

A few decades of recession left Montreal scattered with cheap and abandoned warehouse space in the early 1990s, and while rent prices skyrocketed everywhere else, the city turned into a haven for independent music and creation.

The film focuses on the vibrant noise-rock scene of DIY communities, record labels, and loft venues. The Anglophone immigrants among them formed a discrete cultural community in that of Francophone Montreal.

‘A City is an Island’ explores this loud body of people, temporary migrants and permanent outsiders, and provides intimate interviews and performances, undigging the beauty, hope and contradictions of an influential music community.
The film is an uncompromising exploration of an independent music scene unintegrated with the culture surrounding it, made with the same DIY ethos that its subjects apply to their music.

June 1, 21:00
The Documentary Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 2
June 5, 21:00
The Documentary Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 2

2014, Canada, UK, 72 min.

Timothy George Kelly
Luke Neima
Mac DeMarco,
Xarah Dion Tim Hecker,
Spencer Krug,
Chloe Lum
Patricia Boushel